Book City Tour


Walking along the Book Village

This course introduces the Book City and Paju itself, walking along the “Forest of Wisdom” in Asia Publishing & Culture Information Center and the bookshop street.


The tour will be conducted with a publishing city commentator who is an expert on the city, and visitors would understand about the history, philosophy, books, ecology and architecture of the city.

Experience and Tour Program


Program Resident Company
Publication Industry Experience Center Council
Publication City OnAir Daekyo TV
Mediterium Medical Museum Koonja Publishing Inc
Jikji and the Tripitaka Koreana Gimmyoung
History of book and Making mud plate book
“How do books are made?”
Searching Publication Career Path
Making Book Stamp
MyungFilm Art Center Field Trip MyungFilm
MyungFilm Art Center Field Trip+Movie Theator
MyungFilm Art Center Field Trip+Movie Theator+Co nversation with an expert
Making a Project Note Montsoleil
Making “The Little Prince”
Making a Story Frame Book
Making a Coloring Book
Making a Tunnel Book – Classic Masterpiece
Sannam Marsh and the Seasonal Bird Boribooks
Learning about Books and Ecology!
Watching for Puppet Show Borim Publishing Inc
Past and Present of Printing Letterpress Craftshop
Sannam Marsh and the Seasonal Bird Letterpress Museum
Soul-searching Letterpress Class
Animal Friends
Korean Idiom written in Chinese Character
Making a Korean Paper
Making a Korean Paper Note
Making our own Aesop's Fables Book
Making our own Proverb Collection
Advanced Sentence Typesetting Class
Making the Declaration of Independence for the 100th Anniversary of the March 1st Movement
Making a Poetry Selection in Korean-English
Watching Pinoseum Yoilimwon Publishing Group
Coloring Wooden Pinocchio Package
Making Joint Pinocchio Package
Visiting Youlhwadang Book Museum Youlhwadang Publishers
Visiting Letterpress Craftshop Letterpress Craftshop
“Poet’s Mind” – Letterpress Printing
Making a Poetry Book
Let’s try Calligraphy!