(Corporation)pajubookcity company association
DepartmentsMain BusinessContacts
Management Support Team Members and DuesAccounting, Supporting Tenant, Budget Execution, Personnel Managing031-955-0009
Planning TeamBusiness and Strategic Planning, Budgeting Promotion, Articles and Regulations, World Cultural Cluster-building Projects, Consultation of Ministries and Local Governments, General Meeting031-955-0063
Book-City Management TeamUrban Infrastructure Management (structural-sophistication, traffic improvement projects, etc.)
Waterways and Landscape Management, Office Management Support, Environment Beautification
Business Development TeamManaging Field-Tour-Experience in Publication City (Publishment Company Experience Center)
Field-Tour-Experiencing program, Experiencing Courses Counseling and Reservation
Publication-City PR, Newsletter Production, Commentator Management031-955-0036
Publication City’s Commuter Bus Operation031-955-0031
Supporting Rent of Workers' Dormitories in Industrial031-955-0024
Publication City’s Office Kindergarten Operation031-955-5600
(Foundation)pajubookcity organization
DepartmentsMain BusinessContacts
Management Support TeamLand Consignment Management, Property Management, Accounting for Uncollected Contributions, Adjustment and Execution of Entrusted Assets, Collection, Contributions, Dues, and Rented-Management-Subsidy Projects, Settlement of Tax Affairs, Contracts, Fund management and Accounting Settlements, preparation, Budget Formulation and Control of Financial Statements031-955-0009
Planning and PR TeamBusiness Planning, Business Evaluation and Coordination, and Operation of the Board of Directors
Cooperation and Coordination of Foreign Institutions, Exchanges of International-Publishing-Forums and East Asian Books, Symposium-related International Conferences, Overseas Exchanges, Development of Culture and Arts Programs, Cultural Partnership Projects, Domestic and International Promotions, Website Management
Media Support TeamCommercial Filming in Publication-City031-955-0010
Facility Management TeamMaintenance and Management of Asia Publishing Cultural Information Center
Correspondence and Rental Works of Asia Publishing Culture and Information Center
JijihyangGuesthouseRoom Reservations, Customs and Group Event Reservations
Education Training Support and Management
pajubookcity Culture and Information Industrial Comple Business Cooperative
DepartmentsMain BusinessContacts
Support TeamTax and Administration, Accounting, and Non-Private Earnings Return031-955-0106
Planning TeamSubstitution, Disposal, Support of Industrial Facilities, Promotional Materials, Newsletters, Homepages, Libraries031-955-0016
Construction TeamCo-Facilities and Projects, Construction Conference Building, City Interior Design, Various Field Public Officials, Supporting Facilities for Resident031-955-0066